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a little bit about me

I am best classified as a designer and maker. Among other things, I am actively exploring how wearable electronics can influence our relationships with those around us. Recurring themes in my work are the aesthetics of electronic components and an irreverent approach to critical design.

Graduating as a fashion designer in 1995, I have always been interested in the emotional bonds people have with what they wear. As a self-taught programmer, equal passions for interactive media and electronics lead me naturally into wearable technology as an art form.

I am active in the Arduino and online open source hardware communities and a member of the v2_ eTextile Workspace. As a die-hard fangirl of the World Wide Web, I'm pleased to say that my work has been featured on many blogs and websites, including aniomagic.com, craftzine.com, electricfoxy.com, fashioningtech.com, talk2myshirt.com, pleatfarm.com, trendhunter.com and wired.com.

An overview of my work, teaching, speaking engagements, exhibitions and press can be found on this page.

this website

This site is primarily intended for my own satisfaction - a kind of personal display case. If you would like to contact me about anything you see here, just send me an email.

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